Homeopathy works gently and effectively, treating the whole person rather than merely the symptoms, and usually results in a renewed sense of life and vitality, helping to restore your “life force”.  It can be used effectively and safely at any life stage from baby, through pregnancy and throughout life.  It can also be used effectively on animals. It can also be used for any issues from acute short-tem like coughs and colds, dealing with emotional trauma and any physical symptoms associated with that through to deep pathology.

Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years, and is not a new “alternative” medicine.  In contrast to prescription drugs, which mostly just mask symptoms and often cause side effects (frequently harmful), homeopathy works to promote the body to heal itself without causing side effects.

Our own Royal Family has used homeopathy for several generations.  In many parts of Europe homeopathic remedies are routinely prescribed by GPs, and it is used extensively in India and Africa.

The first appointment for an adult can take up to an hour and a half where we will discuss your presenting complaint and general health to date. This time enables me to get a “feel” for your system and how it copes, allowing me to prescribe the best fitting remedy.  It can be unusual for new patients to have ever been listened to for any length of time which in itself can be a healing experience. Follow up appointments are recommended every 4-6 weeks and in general the longer you have had the “complaint” the longer it may take to clear although improvements should be seen fairly quickly.