Autistic Spectrum / CEASE

The Autistic Spectrum spans many, many labels.

 Homeopathy CAN and DOES help with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. I am actively working with children who are operating on the Autistic Spectrum, with great results.

The majority of the autistic spectrum children I see were born healthy and attentive, but started to display behaviour leading to the ASD diagnosis at a later stage. Generally we can see exposure to toxins and pharmaceutical drugs in childhood, and it seems as if the body just at some point just can’t take any more. There are many theories regarding autism but one thing is for sure, the jump from 1 child in 80 to 1 in 6 over the last few years means that something very wrong is happening to our children, and something needs to change.

I use a combination of traditional homeopathic prescribing and the CEASE protocol developed by Tinus Smits. See for more information.

CEASE therapy is very well suited to Skype consultations.