For parents

The birth of a healthy child is a miracle; keeping a child healthy is an art.

Homeopathy and craniosacral therapy are great for babies and children. One of the main arguments used against the claimed “placebo effect” of homeopathy is the immediate alleviation of symptoms in babies, who certainly have no expectation of what is being administered.

In Europe lots of GPs and midwives have homeopathic training1, as it is such a useful and gentle medicine. There are remedies to be taken when babies are staying cocooned within and not wanting to make their appearance, remedies to “turn” breech presentations…. For the various stages of labour remedies can be used to help, as well as the obvious body healing post birth, whether caesarean or natural.

Once baby enters the world they are bombarded with toxins, which can have a  huge effect on their health. For example eczema is generally a response where the struggling body is trying to excrete toxins through the largest elimination organ of the body: the skin. In “allopathic” medicine this eczema is seen as the problem, and various steroids may be prescribed to deal with this “problem”. Not only does this just drive the toxins deeper, but gives the body lots of additional elimination work. Homeopathy can work brilliantly in clearing even the most long-standing eczema.

I would thoroughly recommend subscription to “The Informed Parent”(a monthly publication full of information for parents) and the purchase of the book they sell written by Trevor Gunn titled “Comparing Natural Immunity with Vaccination”3.