Homeopathy in the spotlight

Over the last few years homeopathy has been getting quite a lot of bad press. It is worth mentioning that it has also been getting a fair amount of good press too, but for some reason we seem to remember the bad!

The main reason for this is that an organisation called Sense about Science, which is partly funded by the pharmaceutical industry, is targeting homeopathy we assume with an ultimate aim of getting this harmless but hugely effective medicine banned.

We can only assume that this attention is because homeopathy is such a threat to the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. Homeopathy is a real medicine and has been shown to clear deep pathology, without the side effects of conventional medicine.

Homeopathy is an holistic, energetic medicine and can treat any ailments.

Some facts:

Homeopathy has been an accepted part of the NHS since 1948.

6,000,000 people in the UK use homeopathy.

The campaigns against homeopathy are led by members of an organisation called Sense about Science, which is partly funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

In Cuba in 2008 the Finlay Institute conducted an experiment with 2,400,000 people using a homeopathic preventative in place of a vaccine against leptospirosis. It was significantly cheaper and significantly more effective than previous vaccination programmes. The Finlay institute could not get their research published.  This work is ongoing, with continuing impressive outcomes.

In the third world, where many people have no access to clean water, sufficient food, healthy living conditions, and pharmaceutical medicines, homeopaths are working successfully with a wide range of conditions, which detractors in the UK are trying to sabotage with misinformation, and with calls for bans because they say homeopaths are giving false hope to sick people. These same sick people sometimes walk miles to outreach clinics both for treatments and to say thank you for their homeopathic treatment.

Homeopaths believe that if homeopathy was used extensively in hospitals and in GP practices, huge sums of money could be saved by the NHS. This would obviously affect drug company profits.

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Homeopathy aims to awaken the body’s natural healing response and should lead to a more energised and balanced you!